Review: Mascaras

I’ve been on a hunt for a perfect mascara for a while now, and so I thought I’d share with you my favourite and the ones I personally don’t recommend.

Clinique: High Impact Mascara

I love this mascara, as it creates a slightly smoky eye effect. I prefer my eyelashes to be more defined rather than trying to extend length, as they’re already quite long. This mascara by Clinique definitely helps to define eyes and I would recommend it. It’s more expensive than the other brands I’m going to talk about, but if it’s what your looking for then it is definitely worth it. Alternatively, use Maybelline’s Colossal Volume’ Express (see last review)

Rimmel: The Max Volume Flash

I don’t recommend this mascara so much, as although it created high definition, it was quite clumpy and the mascara was uneven.

Collection: Colour Lash All Day Colour Mascara

Personally, I really don’t recommend this mascara. After trying out various mascaras, I thought maybe I’d try this (much) cheaper alternative at only £1.99. Definitely not worth it! You’re really getting what you pay for. Again, it wasn’t good at creating defined eyelashes, but instead it clumped my eyelashes together so my eyes looked less defined! I guess it’s good as a temporary mascara for extending length but otherwise, I didn’t find it much good. I wouldn’t  recommend it, the following week I had to go out and buy another mascara as it just wasn’t working for me! It made me realise that you really get what you pay for with mascaras, and depending on what suits you, sometimes a more pricey mascara can be best.

Primark: Eye Can’t Go Wrong

Okay, don’t judge that I actually once bought some Primark mascara. Pretty low, but I found it better than the Collection mascara (see above. It was a waterproof mascara and on the other end of the stick, it also had a mistake correcter. I was quite impressed with how well it worked, but I wouldn’t use the mascara for everyday use as I’m not sure how good it would be for your eyes/eyelashes! It was probably cheaper than the Collection mascara! If you’re looking for a cheap mascara, perhaps for a play for school or something then I would actually recommend this.

Miss Sporty: Fabulous Lash Curved Brush

This mascara is similar to the Rimmel Mascara I reviewed, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s quite clumpy and thick! The brush is curved which is good as extends the length outwards.

Maybelline: The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara: Smoky Eyes

Okay, this is definitely my favourite mascara at the moment. I bought this after failing miserably with the Collection mascara, and it’s great. I got the ‘Smoky Eye’ type, I know there was also a ‘Cat Eye’ one.  This mascara is so good at defining the eyes, and making eyelashes thicker without clumping. I’ll definitely buy this mascara again, I really recommend it!