Baseball Mesh & Leather Shorts

After 2 days of endless rain and grey skies, i’m already dying to go back to the sandy beaches and sunny skies in Egypt! The weather here is so depressing, I only wish I was back on a sun lounger gazing up at the blue skies behind my magazines and sunglasses. Before I left, I bought a baseball t-shirt from Primark for only £6. I wasn’t totally sure about it, first of all it was a size too big and I also thought it wasn’t a style I’d normally go with. Anyway, i’ve actually found it a great wardrobe addition- I wore it for the flight and it was ideal for the beach and pool to slip over a bikiniImage Each night at the hotel we were staying at, one of the gardeners walked up the path outside our room with a machine which let out steam which made it impossible to see anything for a few seconds. (I think it may have been poisonous to mosquitoes?). My friend and i found this way too exciting but rushed out anyway and took a few snaps before heading out to dinner. I happened to be wearing my new baseball t-shirt on this occasion Image ImageI wore my chunky sandals from with black frilly socks (topshop), and my last blog post also features the  Lola Chunky Open Fisherman Flats. Image t-shirt: primark, £6 | sunglasses: camden, £5 | shorts: h&m, £15 | shoes:, £25 |


oscar the camel


The Beginning of 2013: NYE

So….HAPPY NEW YEARS guys, its 2013. A new year, new fashion, new styles. I guess that’s something to be excited about over my endless exams (hence why I’m posting less)!

Wanted to post about my outfit for New Years Eve at my friends house. I actually planned to wear a black dress of mine, however at my friends house their were a wide selection of dresses I fell in love with and I decided to try on a leather black bodycon dress.


20130102-204018.jpg I paired with some deep pink wedges from New Look, which happened to be on sale the day I bought them.

What did you do for New Year? I want to know what, who with and WHAT YOU WEAR, honestly, whether its lazing at home in pyjamas or going to a party all glammed up! Let me knowwww guys x