my outfit



Fur Coat
Topshop Joni Jeans – £36
Topshop Chelsea Boots – £45
Primark Burgundy Scarf – £5
Vintage Grey Wool Jumper


Glistening Snowflakes

here in cambridge its been snowing heavily. I have to admit that when it first starts i get all excited, but it dies down when i realise how frustrating it is to be so cold and suffer through standing at my bus stop with the cold snowflakes blowing in my face. But when i get out in the snow to play…i LOVE it. Yesterday i had a friend over and we made a sofa out of snow, which i’m super proud of so i’ll be suure to post a pic either on here or my instagram (@cambridgeblogging).


i thought the large gardens near to my house looked absolutely beautiful in the snow, i was almost imagining a winter wedding. i love the snow settling on the branches, and making everywhere look so clean since it’s covered in a white blanket.

the trees looked so delicate and in bloom aahhh i just literally loved the reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s grey and white piece with all the floatiness in the designs.
Our sofa (okay wasn’t that good but still took so long..)

IMG_0820(1)Messing around in the snow

Isn’t the snow and the blossom gorgeous!