Baseball Mesh & Leather Shorts

After 2 days of endless rain and grey skies, i’m already dying to go back to the sandy beaches and sunny skies in Egypt! The weather here is so depressing, I only wish I was back on a sun lounger gazing up at the blue skies behind my magazines and sunglasses. Before I left, I bought a baseball t-shirt from Primark for only £6. I wasn’t totally sure about it, first of all it was a size too big and I also thought it wasn’t a style I’d normally go with. Anyway, i’ve actually found it a great wardrobe addition- I wore it for the flight and it was ideal for the beach and pool to slip over a bikiniImage Each night at the hotel we were staying at, one of the gardeners walked up the path outside our room with a machine which let out steam which made it impossible to see anything for a few seconds. (I think it may have been poisonous to mosquitoes?). My friend and i found this way too exciting but rushed out anyway and took a few snaps before heading out to dinner. I happened to be wearing my new baseball t-shirt on this occasion Image ImageI wore my chunky sandals from with black frilly socks (topshop), and my last blog post also features the  Lola Chunky Open Fisherman Flats. Image t-shirt: primark, £6 | sunglasses: camden, £5 | shorts: h&m, £15 | shoes:, £25 |


oscar the camel


Lola Chunky Flats

On Saturday, my order from Boohoo arrived, in which I ordered 3 pairs of shoes. I opted for the Lola Chunky Open Fisherman Flat’s for £25 from Boohoo.

These photos were taken from Castle Hill, in Cambridge, from which you can see Cambridge’s skyline, as well as seeing all the way out to the hill at Gog Magogs. I was suprised by the view and wondered why I’d never been there before! I can imagine it’s a great place in summer.


My new shoes from Boohoo can change  an outfit from boring to interesting easily, especially by pairing with some of the cute frilly socks from Topshop. Topshop have so many different colours, as well as River Island, and also Primark (only £1.50 there).

I can’t wait to pair my new shoes with my fur coat for a great statement outfit

Top: H&M

Jeans: Topshop  £36

Frilly socks: Topshop £3.50

Thank you zoe for taking the photos xx

Natural Collection: Lipstick

I was recently looking for some cheap but good lipstick to wear occasionally, as sometimes it can make an outfit just a bit more special or interesting! I found Natural Collection’s Lipsticks in Boots, for only £1.99. This was pretty cheap but I thought I’d give it ago anyway! They turned out better than the mascara I got for the same price, (you can see my review for that on my last post here).

I bought 2 of their lipsticks- Crimson and Raspberry.

The Crimson is quite a bright colour, whereas the Raspberry is more of a softer, everyday colour. I would really recommend Natural Collection’s lipstick, mainly because of their price but they are actually quite good and stay on throughout the day.

Natural Collection: Raspberry

Natural Collection: Raspberry

Natural Collection: Crimson

Natural Collection: Crimson





Review: Mascaras

I’ve been on a hunt for a perfect mascara for a while now, and so I thought I’d share with you my favourite and the ones I personally don’t recommend.

Clinique: High Impact Mascara

I love this mascara, as it creates a slightly smoky eye effect. I prefer my eyelashes to be more defined rather than trying to extend length, as they’re already quite long. This mascara by Clinique definitely helps to define eyes and I would recommend it. It’s more expensive than the other brands I’m going to talk about, but if it’s what your looking for then it is definitely worth it. Alternatively, use Maybelline’s Colossal Volume’ Express (see last review)

Rimmel: The Max Volume Flash

I don’t recommend this mascara so much, as although it created high definition, it was quite clumpy and the mascara was uneven.

Collection: Colour Lash All Day Colour Mascara

Personally, I really don’t recommend this mascara. After trying out various mascaras, I thought maybe I’d try this (much) cheaper alternative at only £1.99. Definitely not worth it! You’re really getting what you pay for. Again, it wasn’t good at creating defined eyelashes, but instead it clumped my eyelashes together so my eyes looked less defined! I guess it’s good as a temporary mascara for extending length but otherwise, I didn’t find it much good. I wouldn’t  recommend it, the following week I had to go out and buy another mascara as it just wasn’t working for me! It made me realise that you really get what you pay for with mascaras, and depending on what suits you, sometimes a more pricey mascara can be best.

Primark: Eye Can’t Go Wrong

Okay, don’t judge that I actually once bought some Primark mascara. Pretty low, but I found it better than the Collection mascara (see above. It was a waterproof mascara and on the other end of the stick, it also had a mistake correcter. I was quite impressed with how well it worked, but I wouldn’t use the mascara for everyday use as I’m not sure how good it would be for your eyes/eyelashes! It was probably cheaper than the Collection mascara! If you’re looking for a cheap mascara, perhaps for a play for school or something then I would actually recommend this.

Miss Sporty: Fabulous Lash Curved Brush

This mascara is similar to the Rimmel Mascara I reviewed, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s quite clumpy and thick! The brush is curved which is good as extends the length outwards.

Maybelline: The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara: Smoky Eyes

Okay, this is definitely my favourite mascara at the moment. I bought this after failing miserably with the Collection mascara, and it’s great. I got the ‘Smoky Eye’ type, I know there was also a ‘Cat Eye’ one.  This mascara is so good at defining the eyes, and making eyelashes thicker without clumping. I’ll definitely buy this mascara again, I really recommend it!

Topshop Month Chelsea Boots

It’s been so long since I last blogged! Since then, its dropped to unbearable freezing temperatures and I’ve accumulated various items of clothing into my wardrobe!

Today I went shopping to try and find a really warm winter coat, kind of like a parka. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one but I didn’t leave Cambridge empty handed! I bought these gorgeous Topshop Chelsea Boots, which I had been wanting for like the past year. They were £45, and Topshop allows student discount so they were only £41.50. I was a bit reluctant about buying them because of the prize, but after wearing them just one day, I’m so glad I did! It seems they’re going to be especially useful over winter, as my feet always go ice cold.

The only thing is, is they seem to crease and mark easily. but I thought they’re there to be worn and used!


I paired my new boots with a grey skater dress, a black bag, wool tights, and a black and white jumper.


Bag – H&M – £14.99

Skater Dress – Primark – £5

Jumper – Boohoo – £12

Boots – Topshop – £45

Another thing I’ve bought recently is the black bag from H&M which I use for college. It has both a small strap and a shoulder strap, and also fits my A3 art book in. …And for just £14.99, it’s so worth it!



My nails are black using Barry M’s Jelly Nail Varnish (£3.99)

Festival Fashion

On Sunday I went to V-Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, and it was literally one of the best things! The atmosphere was amazing, and the whole day was perfect. There were so many different outfits, from some dressed as smurfs to those in floral headbands and black wellies!

I wore denim shorts (Topshop), black wellies, a white crop top (Primark), a floral headband (Primark), and various necklaces..



We saw so many artists- Calvin Harris, The Vaccines, Stereophonics, Kings of Leon, Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, The Saturdays and more. 




I particularly liked this backpack and floral headband;