Lola Chunky Flats

On Saturday, my order from Boohoo arrived, in which I ordered 3 pairs of shoes. I opted for the Lola Chunky Open Fisherman Flat’s for £25 from Boohoo.

These photos were taken from Castle Hill, in Cambridge, from which you can see Cambridge’s skyline, as well as seeing all the way out to the hill at Gog Magogs. I was suprised by the view and wondered why I’d never been there before! I can imagine it’s a great place in summer.


My new shoes from Boohoo can change  an outfit from boring to interesting easily, especially by pairing with some of the cute frilly socks from Topshop. Topshop have so many different colours, as well as River Island, and also Primark (only £1.50 there).

I can’t wait to pair my new shoes with my fur coat for a great statement outfit

Top: H&M

Jeans: Topshop  £36

Frilly socks: Topshop £3.50

Thank you zoe for taking the photos xx


June #OOTD

Quick post on my outfit of the day! Although its June I swear its actually freezing, so I haven’t got the skirts and shorts out just yet🙊



Top- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Cardigan- H&M

I wore this with white primark plimsolls


Summer Picks ’13

Haven’t written in such a long time, literally because I’ve barely seen shopping recently or done anything exciting so thought I wouldn’t bore you guys

Anyway, even when I did go shopping (with fashion blogger Zoe) I found nothing I went looking for, or at least found most things I went in for but nothing in my size! It was so annoying and i’d been so excited as well to go shopping. I’m looking forward to summer so much and the weather started to actually get better, every day I just get more and more excited. I’ve got 7 days until my last exam and then that’s me done at school woooo, so summer holidays will be a month earlier this year yay

After my depressing shopping trip, I decided to have a search on the internet to make me feel better. Even though the online shops still didn’t have what i wanted in my size online, i found some other cute picks which I’ve put on my June 2013 wishlist. There’s not too many as of yet, and besides it is only the 5th.



These white high waisted shorts are absolutely gorgeous, or at least they seem perfect from Topshop’s online photo. The light material means they are perfect for summer whilst the shape is just so simply flattering. You might not be able to see from the photo but they have small, cute little flowers embroided in the lace.


I don’t usually go for these sort of tops but I tried this on in the shop seeing as Zoe was trying something on too. I absolutely adore the pattern and the vibrant colours, and it would go nicely with some high waisted shorts or a skirt (see no. 6).


I was overjoyed when i saw this on H&M’s website, as first of all i thought hey it’s a nice top, but when i saw the price things just got better. At only £4.99 it seems a massive bargain, and so perf to go with everything. It is open-work lace and I can imagine it’s perfect for sliding on over a bikini after a dip in the pool on holiday. It’s available in cream (like the colour of the top in no. 5), which I think I would go for considering the weather.



Okay so I know what you’re probably thinking, how on earth are these appropriate for the sunny weather? Yeah me too but I seriously think these are amazing. I tried some on similar in Primark and they were beautiful, but for £15 in Primark I thought they weren’t worth it for the quality. Boohoo, Asos and MissGuided all have practically identical leggings for only £5 more which I think is worth it because of the higher quality. They probably aren’t best for summer because I’d totally bake in them but just wanted to share my thoughts on them!


This is really quite similar to number 3, but slightly different! It has gorgeous sequin embellishments over it and is sleeveless. I probably wouldn’t buy both 3 and this one, plus also there is quite a big price difference.


This is one of the items of clothing I’ve been wanting for quite a while now, and I’ve been in several times to get it but wasn’t there! Finally decided to order it online, it was in my basket and everything was great…. and then it went out of stock. So, I have still not bought it but I am still looking for it every time I go shopping. This would be such a useful skirt to have as you could quickly put it on and match it with almost anything. I’ve noticed Topshop (and practically every other shop) has a similar skirt for only £20, so I may buy from there if New Look never get it back in. I feel it would be my ‘summer skirt’ that I would wear just so much and make so much use out of, but maybe something with come up in the shops in the next few weeks that will become my summer skirt. 


I have to admit I didn’t think I’d be writing for so long but I just kept finding more and more online..


I really really really want a cute sundress, so really any white/delicate dress is on my wishlist, not just this particular Topshop one. Basically the same explanation- but it is perfect for summer- perfect for the beach, holidays, town, picnics, and the list is endless.

8)  SELECTION OF BOOHOO’S NECKLACES | From top to bottom; £6, £8, £10

Necklaces like these help to make a simple outfit a bit more exciting or change the look slightly, and are all at very reasonable prices. These ones from boohoo caught my eye, especially the Heidi Bird Necklace which creates such a statement. The Lucy Triangle Double Chain Pendant is also very likely to go with every outfit, which is what makes it such a good buy. The Mia Cut Out Tribal Necklace is also ideal for festivals or to finish an outfit off. 

Let me know what your favourites for june 2013 are, also I’d like to follow a few more other fashion/photography/life bloggers so leave your blog link in the comments! Be sure to like this post (if you did aha) and a follow would be nice too if you’re feeling crazy. Follow me by clicking on the post name, scrolling to the bottom and click ‘Follow this blog via email’. Also be sure to enter my poll below! x

Floral and Stylish: Bedroom Decorations

Today I was off school and surprisingly I actually got quite bored..

I decided to choose several items which I would like when redecorating my room at some point in the distant future! I found some really cute ideas and items!

1. Tesco Ditsy Floral Duvet Set
For some reason i really want one of these at the moment, they seem so lovely and fresh. And now that I have found one for £9, i think i might just order one. such a great price! it is also available in double and king size.


2. Retro Style Wall Clock
So it’s not the perfect clock which I had an image of in my head, but it’ll do! This clock is £10, any others I found were about £30, and to be honest I’d rather spend that on clothes…Anyway I think this clock would look rather sweet when mixing with the floral duvet because of the clash!


3. Floral Rectangular Storage Boxes

Now a bedroom can’t look fresh, airy and beautiful if its in a total state. That’s why these storage boxes are literally the most ideal, useful and at the same time – beautiful things. Just shove EVERYTHING into these boxes, and stack them up in the corner. The pattern is the best thing about it 💖
Can be found off here from just £3.99 at Dunelm Mill.


Moving onto the more DIY or accessory elements to my ideal room, I came across these Mason Jars being put to good use:

4. Mason Jar Storage

These seem like such a cute idea, so useful for storing anything in really (that fits). This photo was taken from another WordPress blog: Weeping Cherries

5. Antique World Map Poster
Not sure why I want this, but I think it’s just and I’d put a pin on the map every time I visit somewhere new. I also like the vintage effect of the map🎀 There are plenty of places to buy it, one of them being here for £4.29.


6. Birdhouse Earring Holder
I cant find where to buy one of these at the moment, can anyone help? I really want one! Lovely touch to your bedroom whilst being most useful to hang up earrings!

An alternative to this earring holder can be found in an earlier post here.

7. Frame Your Favourite Quote
This is such a cute idea (must have said ‘cute’ so many times in this post), and so easy as well. Scribble around your favourite quote in a book, and frame it.


8. Glass Storage
I love this idea because its just so easy and simple. So ideal for sorting makeup brushes etc. I found this on Pinterest right here.


And that’s about it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, do ask xxxxx

Vintage & Patterned OOTD

I’m writing today about an outfit I absolutely adore! My gorgeous friend, Elouise, was looking very hipstaaaa, wearing patterned leggings, an oversized green jumper, and some Dunlop tennis shoes. I thought it was a lovely outfit and I just had to share it with you all!
20130123-200645.jpgPatterned Leggings – £25 – Urban Outfitters
Oversized Jumper – Vintage
Collared Shirt – £20 – New Look
Bag – Topshop

I especially liked the collar which was shown from the shirt she was wearing underneath. I have seen similar leggings in Primark for about £6 if your looking for the cheaper option. I love the whole look!

A similar cream blouse can also be found here at H&M £7.
If ordering online, use these promotional codes at checkout to get a discount:

to receive £5 off and 25% off an item!
Thankyou to Elouise for allowing me to blog about it X


Glistening Snowflakes

here in cambridge its been snowing heavily. I have to admit that when it first starts i get all excited, but it dies down when i realise how frustrating it is to be so cold and suffer through standing at my bus stop with the cold snowflakes blowing in my face. But when i get out in the snow to play…i LOVE it. Yesterday i had a friend over and we made a sofa out of snow, which i’m super proud of so i’ll be suure to post a pic either on here or my instagram (@cambridgeblogging).


i thought the large gardens near to my house looked absolutely beautiful in the snow, i was almost imagining a winter wedding. i love the snow settling on the branches, and making everywhere look so clean since it’s covered in a white blanket.

the trees looked so delicate and in bloom aahhh i just literally loved the reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s grey and white piece with all the floatiness in the designs.
Our sofa (okay wasn’t that good but still took so long..)

IMG_0820(1)Messing around in the snow

Isn’t the snow and the blossom gorgeous!

The Beginning of 2013: NYE

So….HAPPY NEW YEARS guys, its 2013. A new year, new fashion, new styles. I guess that’s something to be excited about over my endless exams (hence why I’m posting less)!

Wanted to post about my outfit for New Years Eve at my friends house. I actually planned to wear a black dress of mine, however at my friends house their were a wide selection of dresses I fell in love with and I decided to try on a leather black bodycon dress.


20130102-204018.jpg I paired with some deep pink wedges from New Look, which happened to be on sale the day I bought them.

What did you do for New Year? I want to know what, who with and WHAT YOU WEAR, honestly, whether its lazing at home in pyjamas or going to a party all glammed up! Let me knowwww guys x