25 Random Things To Know About Me

I noticed a bit of a trend with the ‘50 facts about me‘ posts by bloggers, so I have decided to do make a list of 25 random facts about me! I’m sure there will be some normal facts but also some totally random facts which come off the top of my head, so lets get started;

1. My name is Tallulah

2. I’m 15 years old and will soon be 16

3. I have one brother and one sister who are both older than me

4. I go to an all girls school

5. I’m a Coeliac so I follow a gluten free diet (most of the time)

6. My twitter name is @imsom00dy because my surname is ‘Moody’

7. I’m planning to take French, Art, Geography and English Literature for A-Level

8. When I was younger I was a bridesmaid for my uncle- I took of my dress and wore my pants and Mickey Mouse socks wooo(Y)

9. I have no idea what I want to do/be when I’m older

10. I had braces until about a year ago

11. I’m quite a chocoholic and I eat way too much of it

12. I love having painted nails but I barely paint them because I hate it when it chips off

13. I love summer, and hate the cold weather in winter, especially in England

14. I’m obsessed with Instagram and blogging, I also have another blog about gluten free eating, as well as a few Instagram accounts beside my @cambridgeblogger one

15. I think carrots and humous and the most glorified combination, I could just eat it all day every day

16. I don’t really have favourite colours, but if I had to choose it’d being something light like lilac or light blue

17. I volunteered at Oxfam for half a year, it was an…interesting experience

18. When I was younger I went to the beach with my best friends family & the day ended with fourteen police looking for my friend (Deborah) and I, and they were just about to release a helicopter. We had walked miles down to the peer as my brother and sister had told us we could find multicoloured shells (we didn’t) and we thought it would be best if we didn’t tell anyone so we found the multicoloured shells before anyone else (greedy)

19. When I’m older I want to start a vlog

20. I love being with all my family at weddings and family gatherings, it’s the funnest thing

21. My parents only called me Tallulah temporarily cos they didn’t know what else to call me, but it ended up sticking! The only thing is they made it a 2nd name, so my 1st name is actually Harriet

22. My hair is drop dead straight and I hate it, I’ve tried so many ways to make it have more volume

23. I HATE posting blurry photos on Instagram or if someone has a blurry Facebook profile picture

24. At the moment my favourite program is probably Made in Chelsea, but since its only on every Monday, I watch How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory in between

25. Binky from MIC has retweeted me and quoted one of my tweets

I hope you can say you now know a bit more about me, so yeah if you have an questions or can agree with one of the random facts then comment below! And pleaaaaase be sure to like the post and follow, it would mean so much!

Tallulah x


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