Day at the Races

On Saturday I was invited by my friend, Annabel, and her family to go to Horseheath for point to point. I was stupid enough to not take a camera, but luckily Annabel let me snap a few shots on hers!

So, apart from the horse racing, I was constantly looking at what everyone was wearing! This consisted of tweed jackets, barbours, wellies, and fur hats! My outfit was pretty boring: jeans, wellies and a jumper, but I added a Barbour-style coat and a tweed scarf which made a bit of a difference!

Jeans – New Look
Coat – F&F
Fur Hat / Headband – Christmas Fair

I adore the fur hat which belonged to my friend, and they seemed to be popular amongst the crowds. They also had clothing and hats for sale, such as tweed jackets, fur hats and fur coats. All the stalls were so cute!



I loved my friends outfit, especially her gorgeous Barbour jacket…

I had a lovely day, despite not actually winning any money

I really recommend going to the races as its definitely something different to do over the weekend.

Thank you to Annabel for allowing me to use a few of her photos, and of course, for inviting me!


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