Floral and Stylish: Bedroom Decorations

Today I was off school and surprisingly I actually got quite bored..

I decided to choose several items which I would like when redecorating my room at some point in the distant future! I found some really cute ideas and items!

1. Tesco Ditsy Floral Duvet Set
For some reason i really want one of these at the moment, they seem so lovely and fresh. And now that I have found one for £9, i think i might just order one. such a great price! it is also available in double and king size.


2. Retro Style Wall Clock
So it’s not the perfect clock which I had an image of in my head, but it’ll do! This clock is £10, any others I found were about £30, and to be honest I’d rather spend that on clothes…Anyway I think this clock would look rather sweet when mixing with the floral duvet because of the clash!


3. Floral Rectangular Storage Boxes

Now a bedroom can’t look fresh, airy and beautiful if its in a total state. That’s why these storage boxes are literally the most ideal, useful and at the same time – beautiful things. Just shove EVERYTHING into these boxes, and stack them up in the corner. The pattern is the best thing about it 💖
Can be found off here from just £3.99 at Dunelm Mill.


Moving onto the more DIY or accessory elements to my ideal room, I came across these Mason Jars being put to good use:

4. Mason Jar Storage

These seem like such a cute idea, so useful for storing anything in really (that fits). This photo was taken from another WordPress blog: Weeping Cherries

5. Antique World Map Poster
Not sure why I want this, but I think it’s just and I’d put a pin on the map every time I visit somewhere new. I also like the vintage effect of the map🎀 There are plenty of places to buy it, one of them being here for £4.29.


6. Birdhouse Earring Holder
I cant find where to buy one of these at the moment, can anyone help? I really want one! Lovely touch to your bedroom whilst being most useful to hang up earrings!

An alternative to this earring holder can be found in an earlier post here.

7. Frame Your Favourite Quote
This is such a cute idea (must have said ‘cute’ so many times in this post), and so easy as well. Scribble around your favourite quote in a book, and frame it.


8. Glass Storage
I love this idea because its just so easy and simple. So ideal for sorting makeup brushes etc. I found this on Pinterest right here.


And that’s about it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, do ask xxxxx


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