Eleanor Bolton Jewellery

I was fascinated to see some of Eleanor Bolton’s jewellery pieces when I was introduced to her on Saturday at my aunt & uncle’s lovely wedding. Eleanor creates her jewellery by coiling and stitching cotton rope, which I think is very interesting how she can manipulate the cotton rope into such beautiful jewellery. 

Some of Eleanor’s beautiful necklaces and bracelets!

Image taken fromEleanor Bolton Jewellery Facebook page. 

My favourite from the above would be the red and natural cotton colour necklace (5th piece. 2nd row), however I adore all of them with the different colours and different shapes by the different manipulations of the cotton!

Centrefold Issue 6 | September 2010 
Image taken from ‘Eleanor Bolton Jewellery Facebook page.

I adore this necklace worn by the model in the Centrefold issue, it almost becomes more than a necklace and looks like a twisted scarf, which gives the outfit so much more character and style.

Screen grab taken from www.vogue.it
‘The Paris Fashion Week as seen by Sara Maino’

I really like this blue and white necklace and its matching bangle. I like the contrast of colours together and its simplicity, yet the chunkiness of the pieces would create a very striking outfit. They would be perfect with this striped tunic from Topshop- would have been perfect for the jubilee weekend!

Screen grab taken from www.topshop.com
Striped Tunic, £16

-belleza x 


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